Architects EAT is a Melbourne based architecture and interior design practice.  Our projects range from small scale private homes and apartments to high-rise residential developments, retail, local government and hospitality projects. The practice has grown from a small three-man operation to a firm capable of designing and procuring large scale commercial projects across Australia and Asia.

Our works have been awarded numerous prizes, including "Best Residential Interior" in 2016, “The Belle Apartment of the Year Award” in 2007, “Best Hospitality Interior” in 2008 and “The Australian Institute of Architects Award for Residential Architecture” in 2010. We are also frequently being featured in newspapers, magazines and specialist publications internationally.

Our design process is driven by a consistent philosophical approach – not a predetermined style – by which we create buildings that are intimately connected to their function and individual context. We are known for our sensitive approach, sensory elements and tactile quality in our projects. The term “phenomenology” is often used to describe our works. We pride ourselves in creating uniquely detailed projects, and avoid producing similar designs over time.

Albert Mo and Eid Goh established their office in South Yarra, Melbourne in 2000, after graduating from the University of Melbourne, and gaining experience in various firms in Melbourne and Singapore. While overseeing projects and operating the administration of the firm together, Albert has developed a reputation in his residential and apartment projects, and Eid specialises in the hospitality & retail sector projects.

Both Albert and Eid have tutored design studios and delivered lectures at the University of Melbourne, and have been invited regularly as guest critic to student’s presentations in various Universities.  They also actively engage in the works at The Australian Institute of Architects, with Albert served 2 terms at the Victorian Chapter Council from 2004 to 2008, and since 2010, Albert has also been invited as a jury member for the annual Victorian architecture awards program.

In addition, they have contributed to the education and the growth of the architecture field by delivering talks in various schools such as Camberwell Grammar School (2004, 2006) & Camberwell High School (2011, 2012), as well as program such as The Age Student Forum by The National Design Centre in 2007.

James Coombe joined the practice in 2005, and became an associate director in 2015. James is the new leader in the studio, in charge of all aspect in running of projects. He is committed to bringing together a suite of ideas for every building in a cohesive and finely resolved manner. He has also guided the practice in implementing the Building Information System (BIM), which facilitates an interactive and exploratory design process, whilst improving accuracy and reducing project costs and timeframes.

James engages actively at The Australian Institute of Architects, particularly the Smaller Practice Forum, in which he is a regular contributor.